Introduction To Feeder Sites

Have you ever heard the term “feeder sites”? If not, let me explain real quickly exactly what they are and why they are so important in your efforts to generate targeted traffic to your website.

Feeder sites are remotely hosted websites, housed by third party service providers who offer a place for people to create webpages, develop blogs, and share their article content.

Feeder sites benefit by the vast amount of content submitted regularly to their communities by active members. The more quality content that a website has, the more authority it’s given by the major search engines.

And that’s part of why feeder sites are so incredibly powerful at generating massive amounts of traffic to your websites.

Because these feeder sites are deemed to be authority sites by the search engines, you’ll benefit from the “authority connection” you’re given when you submit content that includes a link back to your site.

Consider just how much easier it will be to get your website indexed, build a brand, establish your presence and dominate your niche markets when you are able to siphon traffic from some of the Internet’s most popular social communities!

And that’s what Feeder Site Exploit it all about. By creating high quality blogs, websites and information pages on established feeder portals, you can begin to generate high targeted traffic to your site in a matter of a few short hours. In addition, you’ll be able to link to any number of sites, so you can maximize the value of EVERY feeder page you create, so that it lends authority to multiple pages!

So without further delay, let’s set up our first high powered feeder site campaign!

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